It now a trending topic and discussion on social media platforms that Africans trying to liberate from poverty has voluntarily moved into slavery where they thought could have been the best route to get to European countries so as to live a better life and help their family financial needs.

It is a sad story to hear that the so-called LIBERATION ROUTES became a death trap and a voluntary modern-day slavery owned by an African with same blood and race. These, as a result, leads to many Africans losing their loved ones on such deadly trip which was believed to be the cheapest route to move to develop western Economy countries in Europe.

Have you asked yourself: What makes an African man or woman take such great risk by crossing the Sahara desert, down to Libya and also crossing the Mediterranean Sea?

Facts are not far-fetched, every citizen in any country what a better life and a good economic growth that could add positive values to their life’s i.e. (A WORKING SYSTEM OF LEADERSHIP OR GOVERNMENT). These reason has been the major influence on the RISK TAKERS to be determined to make such a life-threatening Journey from poverty that has been the trending HASHTAG in the Country or Community. Do you know all Africans trying to leave Africa through these dangerous Routes have tried possible option to get VISA through the Embassies of different countries which they have always been refused, because they might not have the proper documentation to earn them a valid VISA to gain entry or Relocate to another country known as the GREENER PASTURE.

Africans are humans too, they all want a better life. Just as the White man wants a better and conducive life same a black man from Africa want the same better and conducive life. Thou the under-development peculiarity that faces many African countries is not caused by the Colonial Masters as many GREEDY BLACK MEN claims, but caused by the BAD AFRICAN LEADERS who see the same western countries in Europe and America as a complete system every citizen of the world dreamt to have, but fail to implement such a system for the African Citizen due to their selfish lifestyle and inferiority complex.


  • UNEMPLOYMENT: These have been the major reasons why many African youths and adults risk their lives through the DEADLY ROUTE to get to Europe for a better Life. Many African parents take the pain to provide a good education for their kids at great cost but after graduation, the child would not be able to secure a job despite having good grades. ASK ME WHY? This is because the innocent child and the parent are not connected to the game players in every country economy that could recommend him for a job. Jobs are not offered anymore in Africa on MERITS, jobs are offered in much AFRICAN ORGANIZATION on whom you really know. These bad principles have been adopted by MANY MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES in Africa right now. Many organization now in African now have the HYPOCRITICAL way of posting job Vacancy to the public, meaning the job is owned by some selected people that are well connected but they post the vacancy to fulfill protocol of employment.
  • Lack of Infrastructure: Social Amenities and Infrastructural development is another aspect that serves as a catalyst to any Country Economy growth. In many African Countries, these infrastructural development is nothing to write about, many African countries do not have health facilities that can save life’s of it citizens, Electricity Supply to it consumers is absolutely nonexistence and many other infrastructures that can aid self-employment and entrepreneurship in Africa. The bad conditions make an African youth seek to relocate to countries where they feel they could live a better life.
  • Monopolized Economy and Bad Government Policy: The players of Most African Country is monopolized to a specific class in every country, these are the POLITICIANS and AFFILIATES. To make it Big or to be successful in Africa you have to belong to these classes mention earlier or have relatives that belong to such groups, if not the bad governmental policy is what the government uses to make life miserable for an independent entrepreneur trying to make ends meet. This so call MONOPOLISED ECONOMY to create wealth, the source of livelihood and sustenance to only people in the POLITICIANS and AFFILIATES class of the economy. So tell me how a common man could achieve is dreams or goals in such a difficult economic situation.
  • Bad Governance: I don’t need to say much on these, the truth is glaring that the blind and the deaf could hear and see the badness of our governments. Government power and authorities are control by selfish, self-centered and low self-esteemed individual in the communities around the country.

As long as the wickedness in Blackman still overpower the goodness in him, African countries will remain in the darkness of the FUTURE. My hope for African youths is a better future and a better life. #StopSlavery #AfricanLeadersThinkRight #MakeABetterAfrica #WewantAFuture

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