How much is Nigeria’s presidential jet costing the country in London?

 Are we really cutting down excess spending?

Spokesperson for Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has confirmed that a presidential jet has been parked at a London airport for more than seven weeks. But has denied that this is costing the government $5,000 (£4,000) a day.

President Buhari has been in the UK for medical treatment for an undisclosed illness since 8 May.

The plane that transported him is still in London and people have been speculating about the daily cost of keeping the plane in he UK.

Garba Sheh spoke with BBC that it is normal practice that leaders “are not left to be stranded in foreign lands. There must be a plan for an immediate return”.

Questioned about the cost, Mr Shehu said that the Nigerian government has asked that the daily fee be waived and if that was not possible then only the minimum would be paid.

“Nothing in excess of £1,000,” he said.

But if actually the airport authority in London agrees to £1000 daily for 51-days for Nigeria because the country is just recovering from recession. Do you know it will still cost the country about #20,859,000 when millions are out there in Nigeria looking for 3-square meals but cant find any.

You can see how bad the country administration is, waiting resources for a jet parking.

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