Corruption has lived in this country even before the country was born or granted Independence. Do you know that our leaders fought for Independence just because of their plan to enlarge their coast of Corruptions and Bad leadership.

History shows that Nigeria wasn’t rip for Independence when the fruits of Independence were pluck by our Leaders for their own Selfish gain.

Now the Government is advocating to stop corruption that was older than the Country and the leaders. How could these scheme be achieved? Some institutions and parastatal were form just because of the so called fight against corruption. Let remember an old saying “Only a thief can trace the foot step of a thief on the rock”, meaning that corrupt people can be used to get corrupt fellows. Can this be achieved? It a BIG “NO”.

Remember that for more than a year now, funds are been recovered but was it remitted to the governing Authorities of Financial Institutions? NO.

Do they invest the funds recovered to the Economy development and Infrastructures? NO is the big Answer.

So why are we interested in News Headline that keep saying millions of funds has been recovered, just to play on our intelligence.

Nigerian’s demanded change, but yet nothing is changing.

Change was said to be Constant but in Nigeria’s case, Change was stagnant.

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